Michael Private Charter is an independent company, offering yachts of all sizes both power and sail, new and previously owned.

We take the time to understand what people are looking for in their ideal yacht.

We can often relate well to the people interested in buying yachts, as we are equally passionate on the subject ourselves.

We offer the benefit of our experience and many contacts on the French Riviera to propose the ideal solutions.

We offer clients a turn-key service, if they wish, including finance, insurance, registration, berthing, crew, and charter management. Any elements of the yacht’s preparation that we don’t manage ourselves can be taken care of by our partner companies offering industry leading quality service at competitive rates.

We have the following philosophy relating to the listing of yachts for sale as Central Agent.

We only work with a manageable number of yachts so that we can dedicate suitable time and resources to the professional representation of each one.

We take the time to regularly visit the yachts we represent, and get to know them well.

We collaborate with other leading yacht brokers, offering 60% of the total sales commission to any professional broker who introduces a client and assists with the sale of a yacht we are listing.

In all stages of the sales process we strive to act professionally and all the time maintain the best interests of our clients.